Welcome – This is my first post

Welcome to my website. This is my first post and I will be sharing lots of information here.

I have a lot of healing to do – my psyche – my soul – my cells – and I want to do the work – I don’t want to back away from the stuff that comes up – I don’t want to be defined by this moment – I want to be able to listen to it – and find strength – I don’t want others to define me in this way – I want to listen to the stuff that comes up – and own my healing process.


I’ve been numbing – binge watching Netflix originals – cooking every possible thing that I see – lounging around – sleeping : )   Yes. This is ALSO what a post recovery looks like – but I am a Capricorn – and I am not willing to give up – I want to continue creating the magic that lives in my heart –  I want to fall madly in love – and know that I am loved in the same way  – I want Paris. – I want to teach people everywhere yoga – I want to breathe the calm – cool – air of  Freedom – I want to run in Central Park – I want to know Dan Barber personally – I want to believe in all the mantras that I chant – I want to feel my normal –

I want a lot of things – that are basic human rights – and I am not quite sure if I am the one who is meant to speak up for these rights – but then again  – Why Not?